What makes a cyclist? Taking the step above casual.

What makes a cyclist? Taking the step above casual.

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet too hard but we love cycling and want more people to love it. For many, it can feel like a step too far to call themselves a ‘cyclist’, but is this a step we all take eventually?

A cyclist takes many forms and anyone can be a cyclist if they choose. Here are a few examples.

The Roadie can be seen gliding serenely on narrow tyres and tightly fitted clothing, speeding through country lanes or past the jams on the way to work. The roadie means business and considers their cycling a hobby.

The Commuter can be found braving weather and relishing sunshine. They’re committed to riding to work and love the time savings away from the car as well as the extra exercise around work. The commuter may choose to wear anything depending on the weather.

The Off-roader is a rider who loves dirt! They are lovers of the outdoors and will seek green spaces for their commute or their weekend adventure!  They may be a cross country trekker or a downhill bomber… or both!

The Weekend Warrior is a serious hobbyist and will set out on grand adventures, seeking a challenge and a well-earned reward upon completion. Can often be seen limping exhausted and victorious into a pub after a 100 mile epic through a rainy National Park.

There are some rites of passage that may flip a rider’s switch into becoming a ‘cyclist’. These might include falling over because your foot was clipped in, having to fix your puncture in the middle of nowhere or finishing a ride with a big chain ring shaped oil stain on your leg; also known as a ‘fourth cat tat’ referring to the lowest level of amateur racing.

If this sounds like you or you just love riding your bike, this does not mean you must call yourself a cyclist. It is a badge that many wear with pride and one that some would rather miss. Many of us just ride our bike because it is cheaper, faster, better for the environment or simply for the joy of the wind in your hair. The more people on bikes, the less the idea of a ‘cyclist’ will matter.

If you were to go to the Netherlands, you’d find millions on their bikes as their primary form of transport, but are they all ‘cyclists’? Certainly not. These are all people riding their bikes to get around the city quickly and pleasantly as a matter of convenience and a way of life.  Something perhaps we can all aspire to.

Cycling in the Netherlands

We work with grassroots pressure groups such as Sustrans, London Cycling Campaign and BikeIsBest and together we aim to improve the public perspective on cycling as an accessible and preferable form of transport for everyone. Whatever your reason for riding, you are part of the solution and if you’re intending to bear your cyclist badge, you are warmly welcomed to the club.

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