The Cycling BOOM

The Cycling BOOM

This week we sat down with a nice mug of tea for the World Bicycle Industry Association WebinarHosted by leading industry names we were given an in-depth look into the industry’s market outlook.  It was all very good news for cycling enthusiasts like us! 

As you imagine this year has seen many more people venture out and about on their bikes, whether for recreation or as a car or public transport alternative. In fact, new forecasts shows that Europeans are expected to buy an extra 10 million bikes per year by 2030. 

The biggest increase will be seen in e-bike which are expected to grow from 3.7 million bikes sold in 2019 to 17 million in 2030.  We should see 10 million e-bikes sold across Europe in 2024 according to the European Cycling Associations.  We think this is great news and an inevitable shift towards eco-friendly fitness transport that is accessible to many.  There is nothing wrong with a little helping hand on your journey for a more composed arrival at work, or a leisurely outing in the countryside . And if you haven’t tried an electric mountain bike yet, it is fantastic! Lets hope councils are taking note of this huge modal shift when they are planning their roads and cycle routes! 

The ‘conventional’ bike market, i.e. not electric powered, this year is forecast to also have gained ground.  It is forecast to stabilise for the next few years followed by a slow decline as the e-bike keeps gaining momentum and becomes more affordable.   

Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe said “Cycling is one of Europe’s most dynamic industries right now. With these new numbers we are able to show the EU, national governments and the world-wide cycling sector that the European cycling market is the place to invest, to deliver the EU Green Deal, COVID recovery and new green jobs. With this strong collaboration between our associations we can put real evidence in front of investors at every level.” 

We think it’s very exciting times for the cycling industry, it feels like now is a pivot point hopefully leading to lots of investment in cycling infrastructure improvements and innovation.  We are looking forward to the pedal power being a force for great things in the near future. 

At havebike we always keep ahead of the game, having a lot with experience with e-bike technology and full training qualifications with all the major e-bike systems. As always you can book in for an e-bike or conventional bike via our online booking system or give us a call if you have any questions.  

Many thanks Cycling Industries Europe for the information and images and to the WBIA for hosting the event along with all the guest speakers. 

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