Setting Up Rim Brakes #BeBrakeReady

Part 3 in our #BeBrakeReady series. So far we’ve covered how check whether your pads need replacing, how to replace them, and now finally in part 3, how to set them up.


You’ll remember from last weeks blog that the brake pads have a series of concave and convex washers on the stud. These now …

Brake Pad Replacement: Rim Brakes

In our previous blog we explained the importance of ensuring your brake pads were not worn http://www.havebike.co.uk/news/post.php?s=2018-01-18-bebrakeready

Over time the brake pad material will wear and ultimately cease to effectively stop you. Brake pad material can also perish as it ages so it’s important to be able to replace when the need arrises. In this …


Last year, a cyclist fatally collided with a pedestrian who was crossing the road. The cyclist was charged with Manslaughter and jailed for 18 months as his bicycle had only one working brake.

By law it is illegal to ride your bike on the road unless it meets the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts, …