Special Offer: 20% Off C&R Services Using the Code: FIXMYBIKE20

Special Offer: 20% Off C&R Services Using the Code: FIXMYBIKE20

At havebike, we’re offering 20% off our Regular and Deluxe services for all those who want to stay active and travel efficiently throughout this testing time. We know how indispensable cycling has been for millions of us throughout these testing times. Around 20 million people nationwide have access to a bicycle; we strive to make it as simple as possible to keep cyclists riding safely and smoothly.

Our founder and CEO, Nick Brown had this to say in response to the latest government voucher scheme.

“We value any Government support that seeks to encourage and enable cycling to get more people back on bikes that are in a roadworthy condition. As we’ve seen bicycles can help NHS and other key workers make essential journeys during this lockdown and also provide the wider public with a great way to exercise and improve mental health.

While we welcome the Fix Your Bike Voucher scheme, we would like to see continued investment and rapid progression in the installation of cycle lanes and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The vouchers are extremely popular and very hard to get hold of, so we would welcome another extension to the scheme.

We also feel there’s a very important job to do in terms of educating people on the costs associated with getting your bike serviced. While £50 goes some of the way to fixing a bicycle, it doesn’t cater to some of the more common worn or defective parts that often need replacing.”

Stay home, avoid the queues, avoid the hassle of bike maintenance! We collect from your home or work and return the bike to you, freshly serviced in 48-72 hours!

Use the code FIXMYBIKE20 for 20% off our Regular and Deluxe services.

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