Regular Service£59.99

(£69.99 for ebike)

Collect & Return
This is part of our Collect & Return service. We take away the hassle and inconvenience of having to take your bike(s) to the bike shop – We’ll pick up your bike, assess it (contact you if necessary), service it, and return it in excellent condition. Find out more about Collect & Return here.


  • If you use your bike regularly (1-5 times a week)
  • Every 3-6 months
  • If you feel your bike just needs a bit of a tune up!
  • Choose a Regular Service to keep you and your ride safe and roadworthy.


What’s Included

  • • Mech Hanger Alignment & True
  • • Drivetrain Lubricated (As Required)
  • •  Wheel Hubs And Bearings Checked/Adjusted
  • • Bottom Bracket Check/Adjusted
  • • Headset Checked/Adjusted
  • • Spoke Tension Check And Adjustment
  • • Brakes Checked And Set Up/Adjusted
  • • Gears Checked And Set Up/Adjusted
  • • Tyres Inspected For Wear And Inflated
  • • havebike Bicycle Certification Test (BCT)
  • • Clean Frame & Forks