November Lockdown Challenge

November Challenge

November Lockdown Challenge

Stay positive and stay active with our November Lockdown Challenge

The UK as of November 5thhas returned to a nationwide lockdown. We’re all having to adjust again to our new normal and we believe that cycling will prove its versatile benefits again. Cycling rose by 300% during the first national lockdown and just as we were then, we will be open throughout, ensuring that your bike is in tip top condition.

How do you intend to stay active this month? At havebike, we’re calling on you to set yourself a cycling challenge for the month of November. This can be anything you choose for complete beginners to experts. We will pick the challenge we think is the best demonstration of ambition, creativity and commitment. The winner will be the lucky recipient of a Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit!

Here are a few of our ideas for staying active, but feel free to make up your own challenges:

Ride your bike once a day, everyday of the month

This one can be as challenging or as easy as you make it. If you’re new to cycling or have limited confidence this could be a trip to the shops or even ten minutes around your local neighbourhood. All of us working from home know the importance of getting out of the house for our mental health – how about challenging yourself to committing to a daily self-care routine.

Ride further than you’ve ever ridden before

Those who race their bikes in the warmer months will be entering their ‘off-season’ of rest and recuperation. This doesn’t mean they’ll be on the sofa until Christmas! Many seasoned riders use this time to post up some truly epic days on the bike with no concern for their speed or power numbers. Why not challenge yourself to attempt a wintery epic. Stay tuned for our upcoming article on how to stay safe on winter roads.

Try a new type of cycling

Us ‘cyclists’ generally fall into a bracket within this. You might be a road rider, a commuter or a mountain biker. During lockdown, why not try something new? You might discover or reinvigorate your passions for the outdoors! If you’re a roadie or commuter and cannot venture into the mud, why not try a quieter route along a canal or gravel path to your favourite park or make your trip to the shops an adventure! For routes and discovering lesser known paths and off road sections, try

Beat your best time up your favourite climb

If you’re looking to push yourself and keep growing your fitness, why not set yourself a goal on your local climb and set out a training plan to beat it! There are lots of free online training plans for various cycling goals such as from the British Heart Foundation subscribers of sites such as Strava have access to a wide array of plans for specific goals.

To enter this challenge and be in with a chance to win our Muc-Off prize, tweet us your entries with a mention and by using the hashtag #havebikechallenge, DM or mention us on your Instagram or email us at Remember, the winner will not necessarily be the hardest on paper. We are interested in a demonstration of creativity, determination and ambition. Good luck and stay active this November!

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