November Challenge: tips for staying safe on winter roads

November Challenge: tips for staying safe on winter roads

November Challenge tips for staying safe on winter roads

At havebike, we’re challenging you to set yourself a cycling goal this November. The challenge that exhibits the most creativity, commitment and ambition will be the lucky winner of a Muc-Off bike care kit! To enter, follow us, post on Instagram or tweet us with a mention and using the hashtag #havebikechallenge.

Riding on winter roads can be a daunting prospect, particularly for the inexperienced rider. But with the right equipment and by following these simple steps, you’ll be ready to ride stress-free through the bitterest of mornings on route to your own personal November Challenge goal.

If your November Challenge is to ride your bike every day this month for example, you might be concerned about staying warm. A key thing to remember is that even when the weather is freezing, you will generate heat and start to sweat once you get going. Two tips are essential here. Firstly, start cold. If you leave your house and can feel the chill, you should be at a good temperature when you start riding. Secondly, always pay most attention to your head, hands and feet. Keeping your extremities warm is essential for staying comfortable. Think windproof over waterproof and use layers to maintain a warm core and proper blood flow throughout your system.

If you are feeling ambitious, you may be considering attempting your longest ride to date for your November Challenge. If this is the case, the last thing you’ll want is a puncture ruining your flow! Tyres are the first thing to upgrade at any time of year. In the winter, this is more relevant than ever. Your one point of contact with the road is your first line of defence against punctures but also your first port of call for improving your bike’s handling and your confidence on the road. Investing in some good winter tyres will give you the confidence you need to tackle your next epic adventure.

Perhaps you are an essential worker and have challenged yourself to ride to your place of work throughout the month? Safety is likely a key concern as the days get shorter. Good quality lights and high visibility clothing are of course are great start. At havebike, we offer discounted rates on top quality lights to all customers.

Less obvious points to consider are your route and your road awareness habits. Choosing a quieter route through back streets and even canals and tow paths can be a much safer and more pleasant option than busier main roads. Training yourself to routinely check over your shoulder and to be confident in commanding a lane of traffic can ensure that you and other road users are aware of your intentions as you turn off or avoid obstacles in your path.

November Challange

Good luck to everyone attempting their November Cycling Challenge! It’s not too late to enter; email, tweet or contact us on Instagram to submit your cycling challenge today!

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