Setting Up Rim Brakes #BeBrakeReady

Part 3 in our #BeBrakeReady series. So far we’ve covered how check whether your pads need replacing, how to replace them, and now finally in part 3, how to set them up.


You’ll remember from last weeks blog that the brake pads have a series of concave and convex washers on the stud. These now …

Brake Pad Replacement: Rim Brakes

In our previous blog we explained the importance of ensuring your brake pads were not worn

Over time the brake pad material will wear and ultimately cease to effectively stop you. Brake pad material can also perish as it ages so it’s important to be able to replace when the need arrises. In this …

#BeBrakeReady Newsletter


The City of London Corporation recently commissioned a report analysing data on collisions resulting in fatalities or serious injuries (KSI – killed or seriously injured). This report highlighted that one of the most common conflicting pairs of road users in the Square Mile were cyclists and pedestrians:

Conflicting Pairs

As responsible cyclists we worry about such …


Last year, a cyclist fatally collided with a pedestrian who was crossing the road. The cyclist was charged with Manslaughter and jailed for 18 months as his bicycle had only one working brake.

By law it is illegal to ride your bike on the road unless it meets the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts, …

How to beat the winter (maintenance) blues: CHAINS

We’ve just survived Storm Caroline here in the UK and we’re told it’s going to be a cold winter with plenty of snow and ice. That means our roads will be covered in salt (grit). Salt is corrosive and can damage your bike/its components, especially your bike chain.

Here at havebike we wanted to share …

Light Up

It’s that tricky time of year (trick or treat pun intended) when any thoughts of retaining a summer outlook are quashed by the clocks going back and dark evenings drawing in. As a cyclist it’s easy to get caught out by the gloom, out on the road without proper lighting, virtually invisible to other …

Branching Out

The bike-share revolution is sweeping across UK cities. Mobike last week launched in Newcastle, the third city they have partnered in just 4 months of operations. 1000 orange and silver bikes will be on hand to get Newcastle folk pedalling.

Well, we are setting up a satellite service centre in Newcastle, run by havebike technicians, …

havebike acquires Ultimate Bikes

havebike are excited to announce their acquisition of Ultimate Bikes, London’s leading onsite bicycle servicing company.

Ultimate Bikes currently operates in and with some of London’s most prestigious companies and buildings including the BBC, several of London’s ‘Magic Circle’ law firms, leading investment banks and blue chip property companies.

The coming together of these two most …

How to Fit Your Bike

In this week’s blog, we are going to have a look at bike fitting and going through the basics with new riders in mind. Our focus in this guide will be on comfort, but it can also greatly benefit performance if your bike setup is currently off-whack.


What Can We Adjust?

There are four key fitting …

Many Bikes & Mobikes

What a hectic few weeks it’s been at havebike towers. Our technicians have been run off their feet with all the ‘half price deluxe services’ on offer and Nick our Director has been working on exciting new projects and partnerships; we’ve been on the big chain ring without a chance for a free-wheel for …