Slipping Gears & Cable Stretch

Slipping Gears and Indexing: Derailleur Geared Bikes

Normally with correctly set up derailleurs and properly tensioned gear cables, your bicycle gears are properly indexed, meaning each click of your gear shifter will cause a single shift of your gears.

However, soon after buying a new bike, or following a bike service you may notice a deterioration …

Tyre Wear

We are often surprised to find bicycles coming into our workshop with under inflated tyres, or those with worn tyres. But what exactly constitutes worn tyres and what are the risks of riding on them?

Worn tyres?

With cars and motorcycles, the general rule is that tyres are worn when the tread is less than 1mm.

However, …

Chain Wear & How We Measure It

A worn chain means poor shifting. It will also accelerate the wear of other more expensive components and a worn chain is more likely to fail (snap!).

We often receive customers’ bikes in for servicing and find that the chain is worn. We will recommend they replace a worn chain (and more often than not, …

British Heart Foundation’s London to Brighton Bike Ride 2017

This Sunday we were delighted to support British Heart Foundation’s London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride.

This amazing event is now in its 42nd year and saw 15,000, yes 15,000! cyclists depart from Clapham Common in London to cycle along a 50 mile traffic free route all the way to Brighton beach.

With an experienced team …

Pumping Up Your Tyres: The Basics – Updated For The Summer!

We are often surprised to find bicycles coming into our workshop with under inflated tyres.

Not only does this result in premature tyre wear, it also means you are more at risk of getting a puncture. Also, an under-inflated tyre will increase your rolling resistance meaning you will not glide along in an efficient manner. …

Cycle Safety Part 1: “Be safe…. be seen” LIGHTS

We love cycling at havebike, we have been cycling for years, we cycled to school on our bikes and now find ourselves commuting to work. Cycling all year round means that we have to be prepared for the darker nights and mornings this time of year.

Back in the 1990s all we had were a …

Tips & Tricks to Keep Bike Repair Bills Down This Winter

Here are a few cheeky tips and tricks to keep bike repair bills down this winter.

We love to see you guys and girls still out on the roads despite the darker, chillier commute, but spare a thought for your trusty ride. Winter can be pretty harsh on your bike and his/her/its components so we …

Crunch Time – so good we’ve reposted it!

My bike is making an awful crunching noise when I change gears. It’s a fairly new, top-end set of wheels. What’s going wrong?

When people complain that their gears are noisy we often find they’re ‘crossing the chain’. This is when your chain is in a diagonal line, either sitting on the biggest chainring – …

London Revolution (Save £30)

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the London Revolution, riding an incredible 188 miles over over two days.

Over 400 bikes checked

havebike’s mechanical support team were kept extremely busy. We saw all sorts of bikes including Bromptons, a couple of Tandems and even a Boris Bike (or should that be Sadiq Cycle?)

Our technicians fixed …

Supporting the Dulux Trade London Revolution

havebike are delighted to be supporting the Dulux Trade London Revolution – The UK’s biggest multi-day cycling event.

Riders will cover 185 miles over the 14th & 15th May 2016. With regular pit stops along the route, chaperones, medical support and a half-way basecamp providing hot food, steaming showers and yoga classes the Dulux Trade …