Ambulances on two (pedal powered) wheels

We are excited to show you our latest custom built bikes for St John Ambulance.

Their new Cycle Response Units (CRUs) are required to withstand the rigours of daily operational use, carrying medical equipment (including oxygen and a defibrillator) weighing in excess of 40kg, as well as medically trained personnel in full uniform.

These ambulances on …

“Be safe…. be seen” CLOTHING

We love cycling at havebike, we have been cycling for years, we cycled to school on our bikes and now find ourselves commuting to work. Cycling all year round means that we have to be prepared for the darker nights and mornings this time of year.

Back in the 1990’s all we had were a …


Part 3: Bike Modifications

In the second to last instalment of our commuter advice blog we talk to havebike MD Nick Brown about what modifications he makes to his bike for commuting.

QUESTION: Hi Nick. Last time we talked about the different types of bikes you have commuted on. We’re keen to know accessories you bought …


Part 2 – Choosing the right bike

Last week, our MD Nick took us through what equipment he carried in his bag when cycling to work. This week, we wanted to find out what type of bike he thinks is the best for commuting on.

QUESTION: Our readers loved your piece on what commuter kit you …


Part 1: Kit in the bag!
Following the popularity of our MD Nick’s advice about
what he carries in his MTB riding pack, we’ve had a few requests for advice on what kit you should have with you if you are commuting to work.

We’ve grabbed Nick for 5 minutes to ask for his help on this …

…and what about protecting us?

It was extremely sad that on the National Cycle to Work Day last week, a cyclist was killed in a collision with a lorry; the seventh cyclist this year to be killed in London. According to Government statistics, each year over 100 cyclists are killed in the UK and more than 3000 seriously injured. …


Our MD Nick has been riding and racing mountain bikes since the age of 13. Today he enjoys trail and enduro riding, regularly heading out to the French Alps. Nick’s also a qualified mountain bike guide and bicycle mechanic.

We wanted to ask Nick what he carries with him on his mountain bike days out …

Tu quoi ? A quick guide to Tour de France vocab

If you’ve been watching the coverage of the Tour de France, you’ll have noticed a lot of French terms that have slipped into the general cycling vocabulary. Unless you parlez francais, or are already up on the lingo, you might find it a bit of a mystery! So here’s our guide to some of …

Prudential RideLondon 2018

The world’s greatest festival of cycling returns to London over the weekend of 28th-29th July 2018. It’s a fun-packed weekend of cycle-based events and shows. If we were to pick a favourite it’s the FreeCycle, which closes off central London to traffic, allowing all the family to see all the sights from the saddle …

Setting Up Rim Brakes #BeBrakeReady

Part 3 in our #BeBrakeReady series. So far we’ve covered how check whether your pads need replacing, how to replace them, and now finally in part 3, how to set them up.


You’ll remember from last weeks blog that the brake pads have a series of concave and convex washers on the stud. These now …