Cycling to Work P2 : The ‘M’ Check

Like checking the oil or tyre pressures on your car, there are also things you can check on your bike to ensure that it’s safe to ride.  We use an easy to remember system to help, called The M-Check.  

Starting at the front of your bike, check that your tyre is inflated; give it a squeeze!  Each individual will like their tyre pressures …

Service level improvements, new prices and the havebike BCT

At havebike our on-going mission as bicycle servicing professionals is to provide the very best care for our customers and their bikes.  Over the last few months, we’ve seen a wide variety of bikes from new customers. It’s wonderful to see so many new pedal powered new faces.  

As a result of some fantastic feedback, we are making some improvements to our servicing offering at every level and aligned our prices with market rates to provide the best service for you and your bike.  

We’re also introducing a new and exciting …


Commuting Essentials

We’re thrilled to see so many cyclists on the roads at the moment; whether you’re new to cycling, pulling out a long-forgotten trusty steed from the shed, or just increasing your time in the saddle it really does show that the humble bicycle can stand the test of time!

What is truly fantastic is …

Preparing For The ‘New Normal’

With the sudden increase in remote working, key staff on furlough, and parents trying to juggle day-to-day life with homeschooling, it certainly is hard to imagine what ‘new normal’ life post-Covid-19 will look like!

Should we prepare for a return to work? Perhaps a partial return to work? Or will the kitchen table become the …

Rise Of The Bicycle – COVID-19 Update May 22nd

“…. a new golden age for cycling” Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister 

“How swapping the car for a bike can reduce commuters’ risk of an early death” The Times 

“London cycling could increase tenfold after lockdown, says TfL” The Guardian

“Creating temporary cycle lanes and closing roads to through traffic will enable millions more people to change …

Covid-19 Update 29th April 2020

To all our valued friends and customers,

I hope you are well in these challenging times.

It’s fantastic to see the humble bicycle become a more valuable commodity; it gives people the freedom to enjoy their permitted daily exercise, as well as enabling key workers to commute to work and keeping essential services operating.

Across the cycling …

COVID 19 – 30% Off Key Worker Discount

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our dedicated NHS and Emergency Services clients and other Key Workers during this outbreak. We’re incredibly grateful for their dedication and hard work.

We want to help our keyworkers travel safely by bike (and enjoy travelling by bike!). That’s why we’re offering all Key Worker …

COVID 19 – Exercising Safely With Family Or By Yourself

With the beautiful weather, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out on your bike and enjoy some exercise with your household or by yourself.

But you may be wondering what is appropriate during the lockdown. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to stick to the Government advice when cycling. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

CORONA VIRUS – Time To Rethink How You Commute To Work

At havebike, we have long advocated the use of the bicycle – cycling to work is a fantastic way to keep fit, avoid the stresses of public transport, save money (which you can spend on your bike kit instead), as well as helping do your bit for the planet.

There are those of us who …