Exchanging Places

On London’s roads, the relationship between cyclists and motorists isn’t always harmonious. While a great deal of effort is being put into improving the city’s cycling infrastructure, for the most part cyclists and motorists need to share the same space, whether they like it or not.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s Cycle Task Force set up …

How secure is your bike?

I started cycling to work in August and was just starting to love my new found freedom from the rush hour tube, when my bike was stolen from a rack on a busy high street. I’d only nipped inside to get a coffee! I’d love to carry on cycling, but I’m reluctant to buy …

havebike advice… Punctures

I really can’t face another puncture at eight in the morning. I’ve heard of puncture resistant tyres, but is any tyre actually puncture resistant, or should I just leave cycling to weekends and get back on the tube?

Oh dear. Why is that some cyclists can smugly say “but I never get punctures!” while others …

Better late than never

Thanks to BikeRegister, one surprised Londoner has had his bike returned 12 years after it was stolen.

BikeRegister recently reported that the stolen bike was spotted by a Met Police officer in Hackney, who was able to trace its owner using the details registered on its BikeRegister security mark sticker.

Over 400,000 bikes are registered on …

Think Cycle Superhighways will cause chaos? Think again..

Cycle Superhighways could be key to avoiding transport turmoil. Nick Brown, MD of havebike, explains.

Construction on London’s highly anticipated Cycle Superhighways is now in full swing. Nicknamed “Crossrail for bikes” the two segregated cycle lanes, running north to south and east to west, are set for completion just in time for Boris Johnson to …

On guard!

“havebike, I love cycling to work in the Summer and every year I promise myself that I’ll carry on commuting over winter. But by rainy October I’m back on the tube and my bike is back in the shed. Have you got any tips to keep me on my bike this winter?”

One word, Mudguards!

We …

Drivetrain TLC

Take a moment after every rainy ride to show your bike a bit of TLC before you put it away. At the very least, wipe clean and dry the chain and cassette before applying some lubricant; wet weather and road salt can wreak havoc. We know it’s another 5 minutes out of your day, …

Zecto Drive Review

Book any Collect & Return service and add your choice of Zecto Drive or Femto Drive. (Prices start from just £12.99). Please use the comments field to let us know which lights you’d like.

Decent lights are a must have for the dark days of winter. Where a cat-eye style reflector can only be seen …

Postcards from RideLondon

Olusegun (49)
Started cycling…to Church in Lagos, Nigeria 30 years ago. I would walk 10k to hire a bike then ride it back.

Love cycling… for the freedom. It gives me a sense of balance and confidence. It’s also lovely to see the environment

Victoria (9, 10 in October)

I love… feeling the breeze in my hair …

Postcards from RideLondon

Herman (52) Yasmin (47)

Been cycling for… two years

We started cycling… to change our routine; it’s better than the gym. We get to keep fit and healthy while we commute…and it’s free!

We love it because… we can do it together

RideLondon is…a great motivator to cycle in the city if you don’t already.