Get ahead of the game for winter commuting

Get ahead of the game for winter commuting

As much as we’re avoiding thinking about it, there is a chill in the air and autumn is approaching. Riding in the colder months needn’t be a chore. A few simple steps will make you safer, more comfortable and less prone to unwelcome expense.

The single best thing you can do for your bike through the winter months is to clean it regularly. Rain and road grime combined with salts and cold temperatures will corrode and wear down your chain and gears at an alarming rate if not cleaned regularly. This is the tip we can’t repeat enough. Invest in some good bike-specific cleaning products, these will do the job far better than any household cleaner.

Keep it clean!

One place also worth investing some money into is your tyres. Most manufacturers put cheap ones on stock bikes to save money. A good quality pair of tyres will perform better in mixed conditions, reduce your risk of getting a puncture and provide better traction and road feel making you safer and more confident on the road. We have a wide range of tyres in stock, so speak to one of our team for advice if you want to upgrade and not sure what to go for. We can fit them for you when your bike is in for its service.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus – a popular choice for commuting

A good set of mudguards does wonders for staying dry (also in stock at havebike!). Full-length guards and mud flaps will all but eliminate road spray, keeping you and your bike dryer and cleaner.

Tricked out commuter bike with full mudguards

Think about the clothes you wear. Most people don’t need to wear lycra or even anything cycle specific for commuting. Here are some things to consider to stay comfortable.

  • Keeping any fabrics away from the chain will avoid difficult oil stains
  • Consider your footwear: enough to grip your pedals and little perforation to avoid a draft! There are also plenty of waterproof and even better, Gore-Tex, footwear available on the market – office smart ones as well, if you don’t want to change shoes.
  • It’s easy to overdress so that you’re warm whilst leaving the house, don’t do it! You’ll end up scrambling to unzip things! If you’re chilly when you set off, you should be comfortable within a few minutes.
  • The three key points to cover when the temperature drops are head, hands and feet. Buffs and snoods are great for covering your neck, face and ears and fit easily underneath a helmet.


To best prepare for winter, it is a great idea to start with your bike functioning at its best. We offer Collect & Return servicing anywhere within the M25 & Surrey. All servicing packages include a 104-point safety check. Starting out with a well-operating bike will help prevent winter riding causing expensive damage to your pride & joy.  You can browse our servicing options here: Book a Service

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