Rise Of The Bicycle – COVID-19 Update May 22nd

by Peter Komka

Rise Of The Bicycle – COVID-19 Update May 22nd

“…. a new golden age for cycling” Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister [1]

“How swapping the car for a bike can reduce commuters’ risk of an early death” The Times [2]

“London cycling could increase tenfold after lockdown, says TfL” The Guardian[3]

“Creating temporary cycle lanes and closing roads to through traffic will enable millions more people to change the way they get around our city.” Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London [4]

Those of us who have cycled for years have long advocated its many benefits, we know that cycling:

  • Keeps you fit, reduces stress and boosts your mood
  • Is proven to keep you young
  • Helps reduce air pollution and congestion
  • Is a cheap way of travelling


And now we have seen, during and coming out of lockdown, how much of a better place the world can be when people realize that the bicycle is best! The havebike team have been loving commuting to work on quiet, safe roads, breathing in cleaner air and seeing many others doing the same.

We have even taken the opportunity to enjoy the sights of London by bicycle, cycling through near-deserted Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden!

London in lockdown

So, it’s great to hear that Government and Local Governments are starting to make the big changes that are needed to help people choose cycling as a viable form of transport, a new sport to try, or simply a great way to spend time with family and friends.

We’re excited to hear The Mayor of London and Transport for London’s plans to transform parts of central London into some of the largest car-free zones in any capital city in the world! This means that our roads will be much safer and the air cleaner for those of us who love cycling already, as well as for those who are discovering or rediscovering the purest pleasure of riding a bicycle.

London’s new cycle-friendly routes

Around the country, many local authorities are repurposing roads to create safer spaces for cycling and walking. So, if you haven’t already done so, why not take the opportunity to get out and cycle in these new spaces and see how much fun using a bike is. Or, for experienced cyclists, why not use this opportunity to introduce friends and family to cycling. We’ve even created a few top tips here to help you: https://www.havebike.co.uk/features/riding-as-a-family/.

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Many thanks to Peter Komka for the fantastic cover-photo! 


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