Over the last week the global spread of COVID-19 has started to affect us all as it becomes much closer to home.

At havebike, we put people first and want to reassure our staff and customers about the steps we are taking to mitigate the risk of infection. Despite being a small company, I feel we should play a part in helping prevent the spread of this virus and support those vulnerable people who are at greater risk of being affected by it.

At present havebike remains open for business and we will continue to service the critical asset bicycles used by the emergency services cycle teams. We also continue to service the private bicycles of customers, especially those who need their bicycles to commute to their workplace.

What we are doing

We have arranged for all office-based staff to work from home. Due to the nature of our work, all workshop and logistics staff, as well as myself, will continue to work from the workshop, mobile service vans and/or collect & return vehicles.

In the workplace

We are holding daily briefings (that home workers dial into) to provide updates on the latest government guidance and listen to staff concerns. We are checking whether staff have been exposed to others who may have displayed symptoms of the virus or have recently visited affected countries where the virus first originated.

Handling your bicycle

As a professional workshop, we have always used medical grade nitrile gloves to protect hands, reduce the risk of spreading infections and to avoid leaving oily handprints on customer bicycles.

We are also introducing these additional measures:

  • All staff have been advised of the correct handwashing technique as used by medical professionals.
  • When bicycles are collected from our customers the bicycle handlebars and saddle will be wiped down with bicycle-specific alcohol wipes. Seat covers will be placed on the saddles.
  • Our drivers are instructed to also wear medical grade gloves when collecting bicycles
  • Any test rides of bicycles will be conducted using saddle covers and wearing medical grade gloves.
  • Before being handed back to customers, our seat covers will be removed (and destroyed) and saddles and handlebars will again be wiped down with bicycle-specific alcohol wipes and seat covers.

Outside of the workplace

We are also asking staff to avoid being in enclosed public spaces where there are large numbers of people. As avid cyclists, we all commute to work by bicycle so thankfully we are avoiding public transport.


Nick Brown

Chief Executive Officer

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