CORONA VIRUS – Time To Rethink How You Commute To Work

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CORONA VIRUS – Time To Rethink How You Commute To Work

At havebike, we have long advocated the use of the bicycle – cycling to work is a fantastic way to keep fit, avoid the stresses of public transport, save money (which you can spend on your bike kit instead), as well as helping do your bit for the planet.

There are those of us who have already chosen the humble bicycle over the stresses of a public transport commute. However, this could be the perfect time for many others to discover the benefits of bicycles and electric bicycles, whilst at the same time mitigating against the risk of infection of the coronavirus.

To those new to commuting by bicycle, you’ll not be alone; in London, there are over 750,000 journeys per day by bicycle, so you’ll be in good company. With Government investing more money into cycle infrastructure, we’re going to be seeing more and more people getting on their bikes to commute to work!

And because we love cycling so much and want to share our passion with you, we have set out some handy tips and tricks we’ve learnt from our years of commuting by bike:

havebike remains open for business as we continue to service the critical asset bicycles used by the emergency services. We also continue to service the private bicycles of customers whether you are a cycle commuter or cycling enthusiast (or both).

If you’re thinking of getting the bike out of the shed but are put off by its flat tyres or rusty chain, why not take advantage of our discounted Deluxe Service – £60 (normally £75). Book now using the code HOP20. There’s no need to leave your home – we’ll come to you, service your bike in our workshop, and return it to you once complete.

We look forward to seeing you on your bike soon!

If you would like to know about the other steps we are taking at havebike to mitigate against the risks of Covid-19, please click here


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