We are proud to be partnering #BIKEISBEST along with other leading names in the bike industry.

There comes a time where everyone has to pull together in order to make a change.   

During the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve seen a large increase in cyclists.  For many, it has undoubtably become the best way to get around without using a car or public transport.  And we all know the health benefits, the benefits for the environment and your pocket too.  So, you’ll not be surprised that we are hoping for continued momentum in cycle initiatives and support.

A number of cities and councils have been supportive of this new wave of people on bikes by rapidly rolling out new infrastructure and planning for a more pedal powered future.  But now, as things are getting back to normal and cars are back in numbers, it’s never been more important for us to stand up and be heard.  We don’t want to lose our safer cycleways, we want to build on these recent successes for a safer spaces for walking and cycling nationwide.     

#BIKEISBEST is a bike industry lead campaign for just that.  Bike is best for you, your community and the environment.  If you too believe in new infrastructure that will help everyone cycle and walk you can support this campaign by signing the petition.  Increases in space for safer walking and cycling, sign us up!

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