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BDOVELO: Girona 2021

Cycling is the new golf! As our CEO Nick can often be heard saying. As well as being an avid cyclist and bicycle user, he’s also an ambassador for cycle networking group BDOVELO; a networking group aimed at professionals and business people who share a passion for cycling, business and networking.

This year, they had …

The Cycling BOOM

This week we sat down with a nice mug of tea for the World Bicycle Industry Association Webinar. Hosted by leading industry names we were given an in-depth look into the industry’s market outlook.  It was all very good news for cycling enthusiasts like us! 

As you imagine this year has seen many more people venture out and about on their bikes, whether for recreation or as a car …

November Challenge: tips for staying safe on winter roads

November Challenge tips for staying safe on winter roads

At havebike, we’re challenging you to set yourself a cycling goal this November. The challenge that exhibits the most creativity, commitment and ambition will be the lucky winner of a Muc-Off bike care kit! To enter, follow us, post on Instagram or tweet us with a …

Get ready for le Tour de France!

It’s a good old-fashioned case of good news, bad news.  Which would you like first?  Ok, good news:  The Tour de France is going ahead this year, bad news: without Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas.

Sadly, but not totally unexpectedly, Chris and Geraint have been left out of Team Ineos for this year’s Tour de …

#BikeIsBest Press Release July 2020



77%of Brits support measures in their local area to encourage cycling and walking. Measures are supported by 6.5 people for every 1 against
80% of Brits who expressed a preference want the UK’s streets redesigned to protect pedestrians and cyclists from …

Cycling to Work P2 : The ‘M’ Check

Like checking the oil or tyre pressures on your car, there are also things you can check on your bike to ensure that it’s safe to ride.  We use an easy to remember system to help, called The M-Check.  

Starting at the front of your bike, check that your tyre is inflated; give it a squeeze!  Each individual will like their tyre pressures …

Service level improvements, new prices and the havebike BCT

At havebike our on-going mission as bicycle servicing professionals is to provide the very best care for our customers and their bikes.  Over the last few months, we’ve seen a wide variety of bikes from new customers. It’s wonderful to see so many new pedal powered new faces.  

As a result of some fantastic feedback, we are making some improvements to our servicing offering at every level and aligned our prices with market rates to provide the best service for you and your bike.  

We’re also introducing a new and exciting …


Commuting Essentials

We’re thrilled to see so many cyclists on the roads at the moment; whether you’re new to cycling, pulling out a long-forgotten trusty steed from the shed, or just increasing your time in the saddle it really does show that the humble bicycle can stand the test of time!

What is truly fantastic is …

Preparing For The ‘New Normal’

With the sudden increase in remote working, key staff on furlough, and parents trying to juggle day-to-day life with homeschooling, it certainly is hard to imagine what ‘new normal’ life post-Covid-19 will look like!

Should we prepare for a return to work? Perhaps a partial return to work? Or will the kitchen table become the …

Rise Of The Bicycle – COVID-19 Update May 22nd

“…. a new golden age for cycling” Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister 

“How swapping the car for a bike can reduce commuters’ risk of an early death” The Times 

“London cycling could increase tenfold after lockdown, says TfL” The Guardian

“Creating temporary cycle lanes and closing roads to through traffic will enable millions more people to change …