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CORONA VIRUS – Time To Rethink How You Commute To Work

At havebike, we have long advocated the use of the bicycle – cycling to work is a fantastic way to keep fit, avoid the stresses of public transport, save money (which you can spend on your bike kit instead), as well as helping do your bit for the planet.

There are those of us who …


Over the last week the global spread of COVID-19 has started to affect us all as it becomes much closer to home.

At havebike, we put people first and want to reassure our staff and customers about the steps we are taking to mitigate the risk of infection. Despite being a small company, I feel …

Bunny Hop Like a Pro!

Our CEO Nick has been riding and racing mountain bikes and BMXs since he was a kid! He’s also a qualified mountain bike guide. So we got Nick to do a video to demonstrate the bunny hop as well as describe the technique step by step below.

Not just a party trick

The bunny hop goes …