“Be safe…. be seen” CLOTHING

“Be safe…. be seen” CLOTHING

We love cycling at havebike, we have been cycling for years, we cycled to school on our bikes and now find ourselves commuting to work. Cycling all year round means that we have to be prepared for the darker nights and mornings this time of year.

Back in the 1990’s all we had were a set of lights whose batteries died after one use and awful high-viz arm bands that we took off as soon as we were out of sight of our mum!

Thankfully, products have come a long way since then so we thought we would show you some of the cool products we are using to keep ourselves visible whilst we are out on the road.



Love it or hate it, high-visibility clothing certainly stands out on a gloomy winter morning. And you no longer have to stick to fluro-yellow, with hi-viz jackets now available in pink, blue, orange and green…and now silver.

One of our favourites, is the brilliant Pro-Viz range that helps keep you visible using reflective fabric which is 100% reflective at night. We had to see it to believe it. After seeing it, we bought it!

We use the Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket, which is not only 100% reflective but it is also water resistant, with a snug fleece lined collar, perfect for this time of year. Whats more, you can WIN one by entering our competition on Instagram – details here.

Keep it simple

If you’re on a budget or would prefer not to buy a cycle specific item of clothing, you can always opt for a simple high-visibility vest to slip on over your jacket. Again,
Pro-Viz offer a high-viz vest in orange for £24.99 in a range of sizes.

Bag covers

It’s all well and good buying a nice bright high-viz jacket, only to go and cover it with a black rucksack! So how about brightening up your bag with a rucksack cover.

These Proviz Switch rucksack covers are often made from a dual-layer waterproof outer shell that can be used either way to give the user two options, one for the day and one for night. By day, the lightweight fluorescent yellow waterproof material helps to keep you clearly seen on the roads. By night the reflective material lights up when vehicle headlights are shined upon it. The cover is easily attached to rucksacks using just two elastic straps across the back of most shaped rucksacks. We think these are a superb addition to the commuters arsenal.

Above all, be safe and be seen as the old addage goes.


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