Many Bikes & Mobikes

Many Bikes & Mobikes

What a hectic few weeks it’s been at havebike towers. Our technicians have been run off their feet with all the ‘half price deluxe services’ on offer and Nick our Director has been working on exciting new projects and partnerships; we’ve been on the big chain ring without a chance for a free-wheel for some time!

And talking of exciting new projects and partnerships, we are delighted to announce that we are setting up a new servicing branch specifically for Mobike, the new ‘dockless’ hire bike company who launched in Ealing last week. This means we’ll be making sure all those Mobikes are kept running smoothly, are safe and a joy to ride.

For those of you who need reminding, the Mobike hire-bike is like a free-range boris bike, so no docks are needed. You unlock them with your phone or smart-watch, ride where you want to ride, then lock the bike again for the next person to use. It’s rather cool and rather clever.

Currently there are 750 Mobikes available for hire in Ealing, but Mobike are keen to cover London more widely and keep spreading the bike sharing culture. We’ll let you know when the Mobike’s next stop is.

Nick Brown, Managing Director, havebike, said: says:

“We’re really excited to see Mobike bringing the new generation of dockless hire bikes to London’s streets. Not only will they help more Londoners and tourists alike explore our great city by bike, they will also help encourage more people to cycle in our ever increasingly cycle-friendly city. As a leading provider of bicycle fleet maintenance in the UK, with clients including the Police and Ambulance Service, we are delighted to have been selected as Mobike’s service partner”.

Mobike have written a nice article on their launch, so pop over and discover what it’s all about:

Here is also a great little review from The Guardian of the Mobike in Manchester to give you a taste of what they are like to use.


Keep pushing those pedals,

The havebike Team.

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