The Hire Bike Revolution

The Hire Bike Revolution

Sometimes an idea comes along that fits perfectly with where our world is culturally and environmentally, and uses technology for the benefit of the user. We think the dockless hire-bike is one of those ideas. With the aid of a phone app, you can find and unlock your nearest hire-bike, ride where you need to ride, then just lock it back up anywhere. What a great way to get around the city! Hassle free and very cheap. Think free-range Boris Bikes…

Full of Eastern Promise

There are a number of companies leading this revolution. First to launch in London was Obike. hailing from Singapore, they have set up in several countries after launching in only February this year. Soon to be on the scene are Mobike from Beijing, they are the world’s largest bicycle operator having made Shanghai the world’s largest bike-share city and have recently set up in Manchester. Ofo, also from Beijing has over 20 million users worldwide are currently serving Cambridge and will no doubt join the London party too.

Hire-bikes will certainly be ‘the norm’ across major cities which is great news for commuters and tourists alike. We think it’s perfect timing. People are keen to find better ways of getting around with rising costs of transportation and clamp downs on polluting traffic. It’s a hot topic!

Great Times – So Get Involved

What can we do to help welcome the cycle revolution? We can make sure that we drive and ride safely, which as you know, we’ve been promoting with The Met Police recently (read about it here). We can make good use of cycle routes and cycle events. When we finish our journey on a hire-bike we can make sure we lock it back up in a responsible place to keep highways clear – a little common sense here people! The more people that get out and cycle, the more money will be invested in making London as cycle friendly as possible. Now wouldn’t that be a fine thing!

We’ve seen the future and it’s pedal powered!

The havebike team

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