I Give Space for Cyclists

I Give Space for Cyclists

I give space for cyclists… do you? Of course you do, so we are giving away free car stickers with every service (while stocks last). These stickers are part of the new initiative from The Met Police’s Cycle Safety Team. We won’t repeat it all as you can read all about it in our recent press release via the link below:


But what we all need to do is keep spreading the word to both cyclists and drivers in The City. It’s not easy to be a driver or cyclist, each often thinking they are in the right and stubbornly disregarding the accident potential. But with some knowledge and understanding, The City can be a much safer place to travel around, the Exchanging Places events are a great example of that. Have you visited one? It’s quite eye opening and certainly highlights the need for drivers and cyclists to understand each other and work together. It should never be cyclists vs drivers, there is only one outcome for that sort of thinking and it’s not a favourable one for the cyclist!

Take a look at this video:

When the main roads are dicey, why not make life easy for yourself and choose cycle lanes and protected lanes where you can. Here is a clever tube-style map which shows the many routes around The City.

You can download your own copy here:


Stay safe all, spread the word, and of course, book a service and bag a sticker!

The havebike Team

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