Better late than never

Better late than never

Thanks to BikeRegister, one surprised Londoner has had his bike returned 12 years after it was stolen.

BikeRegister recently reported that the stolen bike was spotted by a Met Police officer in Hackney, who was able to trace its owner using the details registered on its BikeRegister security mark sticker.

Over 400,000 bikes are registered on BikeRegister’s National Cycle Database, a resource used by every police force in the UK. It’s obviously great news when stolen bikes are returned to their rightful owners – and many registered bikes are, though normally it does take less than 12 years – but BikeRegister security marking also acts as a powerful theft deterrent.

Once a bike is marked and registered, its details appear on a searchable database, which not only helps owners to get their stolen wheels back but can help consumers to avoid purchasing stolen bikes online. This makes a bike a lot less appealing to thieves hoping to make a quick buck by selling online.

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