On guard!

On guard!

“havebike, I love cycling to work in the Summer and every year I promise myself that I’ll carry on commuting over winter. But by rainy October I’m back on the tube and my bike is back in the shed. Have you got any tips to keep me on my bike this winter?”

One word, Mudguards!

We love cycling through the winter. Crisp mornings, no crammed commuter carriages, what’s not to like? Ok so sometimes it gets a little wet, but if you’re determined to cycle through the winter whatever the weather we recommend fitting mudguards. They’ll help to keep you dry and protect your drivetrain. Mudguards come in all shapes and sizes but we prefer the removable variety. Read on for two of our tried and trusted favourites as well as some advice to help keep you on your bike as the season changes.

Mucky Nutz ‘Butt Fender

Ideal for urban commuters, this lightweight (and cheap at £7.50) plastic ‘guard attaches to the saddle rails, keeping your backside dry and muck free.

SKS Chromoplastic

The Gold Standard, these clip on guards offer all round protection as well as shielding your drivetrain from the worst the road can throw at it. (£34.99).


This winter we’re offering free fitting with any mudguards and lights purchased along with a Collect & Return service. Just mention what you’d like in the comments field when booking.

Buddy up

Another tip to staying on your bike once the cold bites is to find someone with an unflappable enthusiasm for all-weather cycling to ride with, in the hope that their attitude rubs off on you. Alternatively, team up with a fellow commuter as reluctant to get on their bike as you are and spur each other on. The latter is probably easier to find come November.


Positive mental attitude. Instead of looking for excuses to stay off your bike (we’ve all done it), find reasons to get on it. Why not make time to go for a long, muddy ride over the weekend and embrace the dirt? If anything, your city commute in the drizzle will look tame after you’ve gone off-road in a downpour.

Remember, too, that getting some sunshine – or at least air, this is London after all – and exercise during your commute can stave off the winter blues and keep you fit during pie & mash season. Those mudguards are a lot cheaper than a gym membership or a travel card.


Buy our recommended lights and ‘guards from havebike and we’ll fit them free of charge with any Collect & Return or onsite service.

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