Drivetrain TLC

Drivetrain TLC

Take a moment after every rainy ride to show your bike a bit of TLC before you put it away. At the very least, wipe clean and dry the chain and cassette before applying some lubricant; wet weather and road salt can wreak havoc. We know it’s another 5 minutes out of your day, but it’s better than half an hour at the side of the road with a busted chain and a well maintained drivetrain will last longer, saving you money.

Wrap it up

We know it’s an obvious one, but keep your bike covered! If you don’t have the space indoors or money to invest in a bike shed, find a decent sized tarp and keep it wrapped. If you do resort to a tarpaulin cover, keep an extra close eye on those rust-prone components (drivetrain, pivot points and cables.

Send your bike for a spa day

At least you get to put your feet up when you come in from the cold. Show your bike some gratitude for all its hard work in the winter and book it in for a Deluxe service with havebike. It’ll work out any kinks and will usually set your bike in good stead for the next 6-12 months.

Book a Collect & Return service here.

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