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  • How to beat the winter (maintenance) blues: CHAINS

    How to beat the winter (maintenance) blues: CHAINS

    We've just survived Storm Caroline here in the UK and we're told it's going to be a cold winter with plenty of snow and ice. That means our roads will be covered in salt (grit). Salt is corrosive and can damage your bike/its components, especially your bike chain. Here at havebike we wanted to share a few of our tips and tricks we use to look after bike chains on our clients' bikes (and our own!).

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  • Light Up

    Light Up

    ​It's that tricky time of year (trick or treat pun intended) when any thoughts of retaining a summer outlook are quashed by the clocks going back and dark evenings drawing in. As a cyclist it's easy to get caught out by the gloom, out on the road without proper lighting, virtually invisible to other road users.

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  • Branching Out

    Branching Out

    The bike-share revolution is sweeping across UK cities. Mobike last week launched in Newcastle, the third city they have partnered in just 4 months of operations. 1000 orange and silver bikes will be on hand to get Newcastle folk pedalling.

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  • havebike acquires Ultimate Bikes

    havebike acquires Ultimate Bikes

    havebike are excited to announce their acquisition of Ultimate Bikes, London's leading onsite bicycle servicing company. The coming together of these two most highly respected companies means they are able to offer a greater range and level of service to existing and new customers, whilst continuing to deliver a great level of professionalism and customer service.

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  • How to Fit Your Bike

    How to Fit Your Bike

    In this week's blog we are going to have a look at bike fitting, going through the basics with new riders in mind. Our focus in this guide will be on comfort, but it can also greatly benefit performance if your bike setup is currently off-whack.

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  • Many Bikes & Mobikes

    Many Bikes & Mobikes

    Talking of exciting new projects and partnerships, we are delighted to announce that we are setting up a new servicing branch specifically for Mobike, the new 'dockless' hire bike company who launched in Ealing last week. This means we'll be making sure all those Mobikes are kept running smoothly, are safe and a joy to ride.

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  • The Dutch Reach

    The Dutch Reach

    We know it's another safely related post but... did you see the coverage in the news this week about Cycling UK's campaign to raise awareness of 'car-dooring'? It's a belter!

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  • The Hire Bike Revolution

    The Hire Bike Revolution

    Sometimes an idea comes along that fits perfectly with where our world is culturally and environmentally, and uses technology for the benefit of the user. We think the dockless hire-bike is one of those ideas.

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  • I Give Space for Cyclists

    I Give Space for Cyclists

    I give space to cyclists... do you? Of course you do, so we are giving away free car stickers with every service (while stocks last).

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  • Prudential RideLondon 2017

    Prudential RideLondon 2017

    This weekend we were delighted to work alongside the Metropolitan Police's Cycle Safety Team, carrying out free bicycle checks and repairs at the Prudential RideLondon event.

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